Our Services

Services and Support we provide

For Government/PSUs

  • Turnkey Offline Examination
  • Turnkey Online Examination
  • Typing and Stenography Test
  • Physical Endurance Test
  • Online Application Processing
  • SMS, E-mail & Admit Card Generation
  • Content Development
  • Secure Question Paper & OMR Designing and Printing
  • Question Bank Development
  • OMR Designing with Security Features
  • Logistics Support for examination material transportation with live vehicle tracking.
  • Observers & Proctors for Offline & Online Exams
  • Biometric Solution with AADHAR verification and registration
  • Mobile Phone/Signal Jammers
  • Remote Servers
  • Result Processing
  • OMR Scanners
  • Campus Recruitment

Some of our Unique Services offered to secure examination process

  • Multiple Question Paper sets (24 Sets) with Question & Answers jumbling.
  • OMR with special features like LITHO coding, BAR Codes, QR Codes, UV printing, etc.
  • Special Security tapes & packing material.
  • Delivery of Question Papers on the day of examination.
  • CCTV facility at hub with live monitoring.
  • Mobile phone/Signal Jammers at examination centres to prevent use of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices.
  • AADHAR based Biometric registration and verification during the examination to check impersonation.
  • LIVE monitoring of attendance linked with biometric solution.
  • Secure Linux based servers.

Solutions for Universities

  • Online Question Paper Delivery (QPD) for semester examinations
  • On Screen Marking (OSM)
  • Online Admission Counseling.